t-shirt designs to use for promoting your event or gathering. Using cartoons on t-shirts is a great way to convey your message!  

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      Get customized illustrations created for your club
      or organization or select existing images out of a
catalog of cartoons based on your chosen subject!


    Funny T-Shirts

 Cartoons for t-shirts are available right here! You can have a funny cartoon image from an
   existing catalog of cartoons applied to your apparel - it's very easy! Are you in a special
   corporation? Business cartoons can be easily browsed. Are you a construction worker
 planning a company picnic or social gathering? There are many construction cartoons you
 can look through! Or you might be an IT or database engineer for a software development
 firm looking for a cartoon to apply to a t-shirt for fellow employees . . .look through the
 computer cartoons selection! Tee-Toons.com makes it easy by simply going to the catalog
    of cartoons which pertain to your business and look through the list below. A random
  sample cartoon out of one of the catalogs is displayed and underneath is the same image
 as it would appear on a shirt . . . just to give you an idea! Please contact Tee-Toons with
 your information as to how many units (or shirts) your organization will print and please
 provide some background information on your company or organization.


 Let's assume you work for a medical insurer. Your office wants to provide complimentary
  t-shirts for your customers as an incentive or sign of appreciation. Below is MED74 from
 the Medical Cartoons catalog. Also an image as to how it would appear when printed on a
   shirt. The image can also be printed on other ancillary items such as sweatshirts etc. A
  high resolution image from any of the catalogs below can be provided in the size and the
  format you wish. Look for the catalog that best suits your job description or function and
   contact Tee-Toons with your questions. Be specific as to how many units or shirts that
  you plan to have the image printed upon, so a reasonable fee can be quoted to license.
  illustrations for t-shirts
    apparel design


 Or let's assume you are a law firm and planning a retirement party. Below is LAW25 from
 the Law Cartoons catalog.  Also the same cartoon how it would look when printed on a
 t-shirt to give you some perspective. Browse the catalogs below which pertain to your
 job description which best suits you or where you think an appropriate cartoon could be
 found. Don't forget, you can have additional text printed by the printer who you choose
 to have print your apparel. Perhaps a "Happy Retirement Jim!", above this specific image
 would be appropriate.
shirt design  
     apparel and t-shirt cartoons    

           Find images about your job description / work function for your t-shirt here!


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